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W. Thompson

PNW Regional ROV Challenge - 2022

Hello PNW ROV Teams! It has been way too long since we have seen you all and we hope you are healthy and ready for competition! Yes! We will be hosting our regional competition on May 7th! Of course, we will have to follow any changes to King County Aquatic Center COVID restrictions, however as of today, the event is allowed to take place. You can keep up on the KCAC requirements here.

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2020 PNW Regional Challenge Registration - 3/1/20

Hello all! Thank you for being so patient this year, it has been very busy for your coordinators. However, I know you are all wondering when our registration will open. I am happy to tell you, it will open on Sunday March 1st at Midnight! As with previous years, registration will be limited to one team, per class, per organization. All three classes are open; Scout, Navigator and Ranger! If you think you might need the fluid power quiz, please see this link for information. The quiz closes March April* 16th!

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