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Compete in the SCOUT class.

The SCOUT class is recommended for elementary schools, middle schools, and beginning high schools. If you are new to robotics or have limited experience, this is the place the start. The instructions, tutorials and lesson plans will teach you all the basic information you will need. Basic ROV kids will provide you with all the materials you will need to construct a vehicle. 

Participation in the SCOUT class is open to students in elementary (grades K-4), middle (grades 5-8), and high (grades 9-12) schools as well as students in home schools, afterschool programs, clubs, and community organizations of comparable grade levels.

Note that elementary school students may only participate if their respective regional coordinator approves their registration.  Also, in regions that have different school grade configurations, the SCOUT class age requirement may vary.  Contact the regional coordinator in your area for more information.   

Number of teams

The number of teams per school/instructor will vary depending on the regional event.  More than one team per school/instructor may be permitted, provided that there are no common students (i.e., students can only participate on one team). Contact your regional coordinator for more information.  

If the regional event cannot host more than one team per school/instructor, teams are encouraged to hold an in-school run-off to determine which team will represent their school/instructor at the competition. 


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