Regional Competitions

MATE Regional ROV Competition Network

The MATE ROV Competition is planning to hold a 2022 competition season. Like the 2021 season, we expect the events that take place to look differently than those held in the past; we will be communicating with our regional coordinators and adhering to the guidelines and policies set forth by schools, regions, states/provinces, federal governments, and health agencies as we make modifications and develop contingency plans. We appreciate your understanding as we navigate this fluid and ever-changing situation. WE ARE MATE STRONG!

The MATE Competition Network began in 2001 and currently consists of 46 regional events that take place across the U.S. and around the world. Regional Competitions serve as feeders into the World Championship's RANGER class, with the top teams from each regional contest earning a spot in our annual international competition.  Not all Regional Competitions offer every competition class. SCOUT and NAVIGATOR class winners do NOT advance to the World Championship.

Below is an alphabetical list of the regional competitions. Clicking on the region name will direct you to that region's webpage. If you are unsure which region you should participate in, please contact MATE ROV Competition management.

2022 Regional Registration & Competition dates

2022 Teams and World Championship Qualifiers

Regional Name Competition Date Competition Venue
Alabama - Northern Gulf Coast April 29, 2022 Dauphin Island Sea Lab
American Samoa   No event in 2022
Arizona May 7, 2022 University of Arizona Campus Recreation Center
ASEAN - Indonesia TBD  
Bermuda TBD  
California - Monterey Bay April 23, 2022  
California - San Francisco Bay Golden Bear TBD  
California - Southern California May 14, 2022 Long Beach City College
Canada - Newfoundland & Labrador May 27, 2022 Memorial University, Marine Institute
China - EXPLORER June 6, 2022 Shanghai Maritime University
China - Smartsea SCOUT/NAVIGATOR TBD  
Coastal Carolina TBD  
Colorado - Rocky Mountain May 14, 2022  
Egypt May 19, 2022 AASTMT - Alexandria
Florida April 30, 2022  
Georgia - Artesian City April 30, 2022 Albany State University
Georgia - Gray's Reef May 7, 2022 Chatham County Aquatic Center
Great Lakes TBD  
Guam TBD  
Hawaii - Big Island   No event in 2022
Hawaii - Oahu TBD  
India TBD  
Indiana TBD  
Macau - NAVIGATOR SuperRegional TBD  
Mid-Atlantic May 14, 2022 Old Dominion University
Midwest - Hoffman Estates High School May 7, 2022 Wayne Oras, Applied Technology Faculty, Hoffman Estates High School
New England May 1, 2022 Massachusetts Maritime Academy
Ohio - Buckeye TBD  
Oregon May 7, 2022 Lincoln City Community Center
Pennsylvania TBD  
Russia - Far East May 6, 2022 Maritime State University
Saudi Arabia TBD  
Tennessee - Appalachian Highlands May 14, 2022 East Tennessee State University
Tennessee - Chattanooga May 7, 2022 Girl's Prep School
Tennessee - Mid South TBD  
Texas TBD  
Tunisia TBD  
Turkey March 26, 2022 Virtual
United Arab Emirates TBD  
United Kingdom - Scotland April 21, 2022 Robert Gordon University
Washington - Olympic Coast May 21, 2022  
Washington - Pacific Northwest May 7, 2022 Weyerhaeuser King County Aquatic Center
Wisconsin TBD