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Compete in the RANGER class.

The RANGER class is recommended for middle and high school students with robotics experience. RANGER class teams should have a good understanding of robotic systems and electricity. Some knowledge of electronics, sensors and waterproofing is helpful. If you have experience in land-based robotics competitions, starting out in the RANGER class could be an option.


Participation in the RANGER class is open to students in middle (grades 5-8) and high (grades 9-12) schools as well as students in home schools, afterschool programs, clubs, and community organizations of comparable grade levels.

Number of Teams

The number of teams per school/instructor will vary depending on the regional event.  More than one team per school/instructor may be permitted, provided that there are no common students (i.e., students can only participate on one team).  Contact your regional coordinator for more information.   

If the regional event cannot host more than one team per school/instructor, teams are encouraged to hold an in-school run-off to determine which team will represent their school/instructor at the competition. 

All companies participating in the RANGER class are required to take part in a regional event.  Companies that win their regional event advance to compete in the RANGER class at the World Championship.  The total number of RANGER winners that advance to the World Championship depends on the total number of individual SCHOOLS or ORGANIZATIONS (not teams) that participate in the regional (not just register, but show up and participate on contest day).   

Mission Tasks & Specs

The following are links to all of the information needed regarding mission tasks and specs. 

  • 2024 Preview Mission Task
  • 2024 RANGER Class Competition Manual 
  • 2024 MATE ROV Competition: Product Demo and Specs Briefing
  • 2024 RANGER Class Prop Building Instructions (revi this methodology and consider getting involved to give your students that competitive edge!
  • MATE 2024 EXPLORER/PIONEER/RANGER Prop Demonstration and Q&A
  • RANGER Fly-through video [Vimeo] [YouTube]


2024 Scoring Guide coming soon!

  • Company Spec Sheet
  • 2024 Corporate Responsibility Score Sheet
  • Product Demonstration
  • Technical Documentation
    • Technical Documentation Supplemental Information
  • Marketing Display
  • Engineering Presentation
    • Scoring Rubric for Technical Documentation and Engineering Presentation
  • Initial Safety Inspection sheet
  • On-Site Safety Inspection sheet
  • LASER Safety Inspection sheet
  • NRD (Non-ROV Device) Inspection sheet
  • 2024 Safety Tutorial
    • 2024 SAFETY BRIEFING.mp4 on Vimeo

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