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Unlocking Opportunities for MATE Innovators

We get it – budgets can be tight! That's why we've been on a mission to hunt down funding and awesome scholarships, all to kick that financial obstacle out of your team's way! Take a peek at the scholarships and grants up for grabs right now! And if none of them quite hit the spot, swing by our Advice to Prospective Participants section for some genius funding hacks! While this guide is primarily directed at college teams, it is applicable to middle and high schools as well. 


Marine Technology Society Scholarships

Each year MTS awards significant scholarship funding to undergraduate and graduate students who are accepted into or enrolled in full-time marine-related programs (with a focus on marine technology, marine engineering, or marine science). 

Scholarships Available to MTS Student Members:

  • John C. Bajus Scholarship $1,000 - Open to MTS members who are college undergraduates and graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field who have shown a commitment to community service and/or volunteer activities. 
  • Dieter Family Scholarship Up to $1,500 - Open to MTS members that are college undergraduates or graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field. Full student registration and UP TO $1,500 for travel-related expenses to attend the OCEANS Conference. Winners are strongly encouraged to volunteer while at OCEANS. Winners will be required to submit an expense report with all receipts to ensure the money was used properly. Final approval will be determined by the MTS office. 
  • The Paros-Digiquartz Scholarship - $2,000 - Open to MTS members with an interest in marine instrumentation who are undergraduate or graduate students currently enrolled full-time in an academic institution. 
  • Charles H. Bussmann Undergraduate Scholarship - $2,500 - Open to MTS members who are college undergraduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field. 
  • Charles H. Bussmann Graduate Scholarship - $2,500 - Open to MTS members who are college graduate students currently enrolled full-time in a marine-related field. 

Eligibility for Scholarships: To be eligible for consideration, applicants are required to be active members of MTS, with student memberships available for $25 per year. Additionally, applicants must be full-time graduate or undergraduate students currently enrolled in a 2-year or 4-year marine studies program. It is important to note that students who were recipients of a scholarship in the previous year are not eligible to reapply for the same scholarship in the following year. 

Deadline: 2024 Scholarship applications are due on March 29, 2024

How to Apply: All applicants are required to upload and submit a letter of recommendation with the scholarship application.

Click here to apply! 

For additional information, including required materials, evaluation criteria, and FAQs, visit

Marine Technology Society EMERGE Program

The EMERGE program is designed to provide networking opportunities and foster professional still development for students and early-career ocean professionals (ECOPs). A core component of the EMERGE program is the pairing of each participant with a mentor. EMERGE mentors, as dedicated volunteers, play a pivotal role in guiding participants throughout the OCEANS conference, facilitating the expansion of professional networks, and having constructive conversations to guide future endeavors. 

The yearlong program encompasses virtual convenings, in-person engagement at the OCEANS Conference, and concludes with meaningful connections in the marine technology community. Don't miss out - apply today! 

Eligibility for EMERGE: Post-secondary students (e.g., undergraduate and graduate) and ECOPs (i.e., no more than 10 years from your last degree) that are current members of the Marine Technology Society (student membership cost $25 per year; ECOP membership cost $50 per year).

MTS strongly encourages underrepresented members of the marine technology community to apply. 

Participation in the EMERGE program requires attendance at the OCEANS conference. All student and ECOP participants applying to the program must get approval from their advisor (students) or employer (ECOPs) that they will be able to attend. 

The 2024 OCEANS Halifax meeting will be in Canada. Depending on your location, international travel may be necessary to attend the conference. If you have any questions or encounter challenges accessing a passport, please feel free to contact us at for assistance. 

Deadline: 2024 EMERGE applications are due on March 29, 2024

How to Apply: To apply to the EMERGE program, please complete the MTS Scholarship/EMERGE Application Form and select EMERGE to indicate your interest to participate in the program. 

Additionally, be sure to answer questions specific to the EMERGE program on the application form.

MTS is committed to supporting up to 10 for the program.  

Click here to apply! 

Schmidt Ocean Coalition Scholarships

This scholarship is intended to support the development of new student teams - as well as the re-development of teams impacted by the pandemic - with a focus on underserved audiences and fostering DEI (Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion) in the ocean talent pipeline. This opportunity is for student teams across the U.S. and around the world! In addition to SeaMATE ROV starter kits, cameras and accessories, tools, and power supplies, this scholarship includes the opportunity for new RANGER, PIONEER, and EXPLORER class teams advancing to the MATE World Championship to apply for travel stipends to support participation. 

How to apply: Fill out the online application form. Priority will be given to new teams that effectively demonstrate how they involve underserved audiences and contribute to diversity in the ocean workforce pipeline. NOTE: International teams should be prepared to cover the cost of any/all customs or import fees. Please consider this when applying. 

Deadline: Priority screening will begin January 15, 2024. However, this is an on-going program so applications will be accepted and reviewed all throughout the year. 

Questions: Please direct initial inquiries to your regional coordinator. You can also reach out the MATE Executive Director, Jill Zande -

Sponsor: This scholarship is graciously funded by the Schmidt Ocean Coalition, which is part of the family of philanthropic organizations and initiatives started by Eric and Wendy Schmidt and includes Schmidt Ocean Institute, 11th Hour Racing, and Schmidt Marine Technology Partners / The Schmidt Family Foundation