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This is MATE

This is MATE.

Dive in and explore the rich history and the overarching mission that underpins the MATE ROV Competition. 

MATE Mission-Web
MATE Vision

Let the journey begin...

MATE began its journey as the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center, a Center of Excellence established in 1997 via a grant to Monterey Peninsula College from the U.S. National Science Foundation's Advance Technical Education (ATE) Program. With an emphasis on two-year community and technical colleges, the ATE Program focuses on the education and development of technicians for high-technology fields, including those that are part of the Ocean Enterprise.


Fifteen years later...

Fifteen years later, MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) was inspired and created by the principals of the MATE Center. Incorporated in the state of California as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2016, MATE II was founded to support and sustain ongoing education activities initiated by the MATE Center. These activities included the MATE ROV Competition and related programming - from faculty professional development and student outreach workshops to SeaMATE ROV Kits, building guides, and instructional materials aligned with national/international teaching standards.


Next phase of our journey...

On July 1, 2023, MATE initiated the next phase of its journey with its integration into the Marine Technology Society (MTS). The principals of MATE, along with the MATE ROV Competition and related workshops and resources that support student learning, are now an integral part of the lineup of MTS staff and program offerings.