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Oceaneering Safety Award

Long-time competition sponsor Oceaneering International is sponsoring Health, Safety, and Environmental (HSE) awards to recognize teams for exemplary safety practices.  

Additional details will follow, but to help teams prepare, the company is graciously sharing its HSE Employee Handbook.  This handbook is distributed to all Oceaneering employees who are required to read and put into practice the information that it contains. 

Competition teams are encouraged to read this, too, paying particular attention to the following sections - sections that are important and relevant to the HSE awards:

Chapter 1 - Housekeeping

Chapter 9 - Hand Safety 

Chapter 11 - Lifting and back safety 

Chapter 12 - PPE 

Chapter 17 - Tool Safety 

Chapter 24 - Electrical Safety 

Chapter 29 - Employee Observation Program

Chapter 33 - JSEA 

Chapter 37 - Working at Other Sites