MATE United Arab Emirates Regional ROV Competition


What if my regional decides not to hold an event this season?
MATE regional coordinators are under no obligation to hold an event this year. We recognize that there are challenges that may be insurmountable; for example, governing authorities may not permit students to gather together or share equipment and supplies. However, we at MATE HQ are committed to finding a pathway to the World Championship for regional RANGER or EXPLORER class teams that are interested in participating either in-person or remotely. We will work with regional coordinators who are not holding events to identify those teams and permit them to register directly with the World Championship. Those teams will be invited to advance to the event if they qualify; qualification will be similar to the current EXPLORER class demonstration requirement and RANGER class Video demonstration.
Get ready for the coolest competition of the year:  area students from local teams flying hand-built, remote controlled robots through a challenging series of precision maneuvers - all in under 15 minutes - underwater.  This year, the competition is challenging students to tackle problems that impact the entire world. Plastics clogging our rivers, lakes, waterways, and ocean, from the surface to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Climate change raising ocean temperatures, affecting the health of coral reefs. Contaminants in our waterways. You can find these scenarios from Pennsylvania to Portugal, Florida to Australia, the Western Pacific to the Mid-Atlantic, and Indianapolis to Indonesia.

2021 MATE United Arab Emirates Regional ROV Competition
Dubai Police Academy


Anneliese Moffitt

Anneliese Moffitt has spent the last five years in STEM education, actively supporting students, teachers, administrators and government entities in Europe and the Middle East. She believes in making education accessible and inclusive, and that the key to innovation is encouraging collaboration and curiosity. Her dedication to STEM education is inspired by the success of the students and schools she supports as they foster 21st Century Skills and prepare for a bright future.

In addition to the MATE ROV program, she is also involved in projects that teach students about fuel cells, drone technology, and renewable energy. She runs workshops on Innovation in Schools in the UAE and supports programs that champion girls and women in STEM.