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Here's what you need to know.

There is no registration fee for participating students - the team creation fee is paid by the primary mentor when the team is created.

Once your student's instructor or mentor creates your team, he/she will send an e-mail inviting them to “join the team.” Each team has a password to join that is created by the team mentor - this prevents misregistrations with the wrong team - your student's mentor/instructor will need to provide the team password to you. This will be a password that is in addition to your account password. 

Because there are legal forms that must be electronically signed, students under the age of 18 cannot register themselves. As the parent/legal guardian, you must complete the registration process for your underage student. 

All students participating on a team are required to register. Students who are not registered, with fully completed waivers prior to the registration deadline will not be able to participate. 

Registration Guide