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Martin Klein MATE MARINER Award

Martin Klein, a pioneer in commercial side-scan sonar technology and ocean exploration, has served as a judge at the MATE International and New England Regional ROV Competitions since 2003.

As part of his dedication to nurturing the new generation of marine technologists, Marty established the Martin Klein MATE MARINER Award. The award is presented at each International Competition to the individual or team that demonstrates an appreciation for the practical applications of their knowledge and skills; a genuine interest in the competition mission; a penchant for a lifetime interest in the field of marine science and technology; and exceptional passion – not just for winning but for the entire competition process.

The winner receives a $1,000 scholarship check and a medal engraved with one of Marty’s favorite sayings: “Always ask how we can do this better.”


  • 2023 - Makenna Reilly - Sea Cow Robotics, Lanier High School, Sugar Hill, Georgia
  • 2022 - Vanessa Huerta, Hoffman Estates High School, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
  • 2021 - HAWKS Engineering - Hoffman Estates High School, Hoffman Estates, Illinois
  • 2019 - Girls in Engineering - Granby High School, Norfolk, Virginia
  • 2018 - Ella Ashford of the Sea Dragons - Port Townsend, Washington
  • 2017 - Jason Julius of the Milwaukee School of Engineering - Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • 2016 - UR2 ROV Team - Alpena High School, Alpena, Michigan
  • 2015 - Rayan Armani of Hong Kong University of Science and Technology team - Hong Kong
  • 2014 - AMNO & CO team - Seattle, Washington
  • 2013 - Stanley Janicki of Sea Tech 4-H team - Mount Vernon, Washington
  • 2012 - NASA Space Grant Robotics team - Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona
  • 2011 - Georgia Tech-Savannah Robotics Team - Savannah, Georgia
2023 MATE Worlds Winners
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