MATE Scotland Regional ROV Competition


Get ready for the coolest competition of the year:  area students from local teams flying hand-built, remote controlled robots through a challenging series of precision maneuvers - all in under 15 minutes - underwater.  This year, the competition is challenging students to tackle problems that impact the entire world. Plastics clogging our rivers, lakes, waterways, and ocean, from the surface to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Climate change raising ocean temperatures, affecting the health of coral reefs. Contaminants in our waterways. You can find these scenarios from Pennsylvania to Portugal, Florida to Australia, the Western Pacific to the Mid-Atlantic, and Indianapolis to Indonesia.

2021 MATE Scotland Regional ROV Competition
2 June, 2021
Remote Only


Ros Shanks

Ros Shanks is joint-Regional Co-ordinator (with James Philp) for the MATE Scotland Regional, having been involved with MATE since 2009. Ros is the Administration Manager in the School of Engineering at Robert Gordon University (RGU), although has a background in science, & STEM communication. Ros studied microbiology, ultimately gaining a PhD from Abertay University, Dundee, involving research periods in Italy & Canada, before moving on to a 3yr Post-doctoral Research position at the University of Aberdeen. Deciding to shift career from scientific research, Ros then worked in STEM communication within the science centre network in Scotland as Operations & Education Manager in Aberdeen for four years; with responsibility for science, exhibits & education. Making the move to RGU allowed her to utilise & expand on academic & managerial experience in a technological environment. Being based in the School of Engineering & having an interest in STEM communication, involvement in the MATE ROV competition is fabulous & Ros has been a judge at MATE World competitions since 2018.

James Philp

James Philp is, along with Ros Shanks, the joint Regional Coordinator for the MATE Scotland Regional. James is a lecturer in the School of Engineering at Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen whose subjects include digital electronics and subsea technology.