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MATE Wisconsin Regional ROV Competition


2023 regional competition
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Hosted by: University of Wisconsin
Location: Milwaukee, Wisconsin

In-Person Competition

The MATE Wisconsin Regional ROV Competition and all of our teams would like to thank our sponsors

Liz Sutton
Stewardship & Education Specialist
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As manager of outreach for the UW-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences, Liz Sutton serves as a liaison between the scientific researchers at the School and the Great Lakes communities that the School serves, communicating scientific findings and increasing water science literacy. This involves research focused tours and presentations to community groups, offering K-12th grade hands-on classroom activities, being regional coordinator for two national competitions including the Wisconsin Regional ROV Competition, leading professional development opportunities for teachers, connecting scientists to their research stakeholders, and developing the UWM Water Ambassador program which is a science communication and outreach training program for the graduate students at the School of Freshwater Sciences.