MATE Community News - September 2019

Greetings MATE ROV Competition Community,

On behalf of the MATE II Board of Directors, I want to welcome you to the start of the 2020 MATE ROV Competition season!

We appreciate the overwhelming and enthusiastic response we received from our last letter. So many of you reached out ready and willing to contribute your time, talents, and treasure to the program. Thank you for your commitment to the MATE ROV Competition and making amazing talents emerge for innovation and inspiration!
We have a few updates to share:
  • YES! There will be a MATE WORLD Championship in 2020. We are in discussions with three potential host venues for the timeframe of mid-to-late June. We will announce the location and event dates as soon as we have confirmed them.
  • We are planning to release the 2020 Competition Product Demonstration/Spec Briefing by September 30. (HINT: What are some of the challenges that we face as a global community?)
  • Thanks to those of you who responded to our MATE ROV Competition – Participants survey. We appreciate your feedback and suggestions and are already taking steps to make improvements in the web site, recognition of regional winners, promotion of the program, and more. If you missed the chance to respond, there will be another opportunity! We plan to administer this survey on an annual basis.
  • We are working on the 2019 World Championship highlight reel. In the meantime, you can catch video clips from the event and archived livestream footage here -
Thank you for your time. Stay tuned for more MATE ROV Competition Community News!
Jill Zande
President/Executive Director

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