OREGON Mentors: Take the Survey!

Help Us Get Ready for the 2021 Regional Competition

Dear Oregon MATE ROV Instructors and Mentors,

We are working to plan a MATE ROV Oregon Regional Competition for 2021. We know that this year is full of changes for schools, educators, and students, so please complete this short survey to help us gauge your intent and ability for participating in the Oregon Regional MATE ROV competition in 2021.


Please complete this short survey:



UPDATES: Looking ahead, we still don't know exactly what our spring competition will look like but do plan on pushing back competition activities until sometime mid to late May. We are planning to have the marketing display (poster) judging and engineering presentations online via Zoom. We are still hoping to conduct in-person socially-distanced missions at a designated pool toward the end of May if possible. If we are able to swing it, only teams and their mentors will be allowed onsite and each team will be given a 45 minute period to complete two attempts and then vacate the premises. If it ends up that the *entire* competition must be held online, we are still exploring options to have teams submit videos of their ROVs conducting their pool missions. Stay tuned!

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