Grade level

  • Participation in the NAVIGATOR class is open to students in middle (grades 5-8) and high (grades 9-12) schools as well as students in home schools, after school programs, clubs, and community organizations of comparable grade levels.
  • In regions that have different school grade configurations, the NAVIGATOR class age requirement may vary.  Contact the regional coordinator in your area for more information.   

Number of teams

  • The number of teams per school/instructor will vary depending on the regional event.  More than one team per school/instructor may be permitted, provided that there are no common students (i.e., students can only participate on one team).  Contact your regional coordinator for more information.   
  • If the regional event cannot host more than one team per school/instructor, teams are encouraged to hold an in-school run-off to determine which team will represent their school/instructor at the competition. 


Click here for the NAVIGATOR Competition Class Manual and Information