MATE Florida Regional ROV Competition


Get ready for the coolest competition of the year:  area students from local teams flying hand-built, remote controlled robots through a challenging series of precision maneuvers - all in under 15 minutes - underwater.  This year, the competition is challenging students to tackle problems that impact the entire world. Plastics clogging our rivers, lakes, waterways, and ocean, from the surface to the bottom of the Mariana Trench. Climate change raising ocean temperatures, affecting the health of coral reefs. Contaminants in our waterways. You can find these scenarios from Pennsylvania to Portugal, Florida to Australia, the Western Pacific to the Mid-Atlantic, and Indianapolis to Indonesia.

2022 MATE Florida Regional ROV Competition


Seth Baklor

Seth has participated in the MATE competition since he competed in the Florida Regional Ranger Class in 2008. The Aquatic Eagles from Edgewater High School of Orlando went on to place 2nd at Internationals that year. That experience motivated him to start and lead the Purdue University Explorer team which went on to place 5th, 4th, 2nd, and 2nd consecutively at Internationals from 2009-2012. He has volunteered at the International, Florida Regional, and Chicago Regional competitions as Mentor, Judge, and Coordinator. He is now an Industrial Engineer with Operations and Manufacturing experience at Disney World, United Airlines, Amazon, and Ford. Since 2016, he has worked at Virgin Voyages helping to launch a new cruise line. He lives in Coral Springs, Florida with his wife Natalie, baby Noah, and dog Peanut.