Western Sierra Charter Schools Fresno - Echo Tech


Team Name: Echo Tech

Organization: Western Sierra Charter Schools - Fresno

Competition Class: NAVIGATOR

Regional: Northern California - Monterey

Company Spec Sheet

What were the other options for your team’s name?  If there was only ever the one option for your name, what is the origin of your team’s name?

Some of the possible names for our team were Hydro Tech, Hammerheads, and Dolphins. We wanted to have a more professional name this year, and decided to go with Eco-Tech. Our name was decided as we felt it seems fit to this year’s theme. Our purpose is to protect marine life. The ecological aspect of the competition is protected by modern day R.O.V.s. Thus, Eco-Tech was agreed on.

What word/phrase is most often heard when your team is working on your ROV?

“Making underwater history together”

Which job or thing your team has to do is the hardest? Why?

One of the hardest jobs we had to do was soldering the electrical connections.

What is your team's go-to snack food(s)?

We don't have one.

What was the most celebrated/happiest/best/epic moment of success making your ROV?

One of the most joyous moments during the construction of our R.O.V was when we finished waterproofing. We were looking forward to working on buoyancy in order to finally enter the pool.

What was your most memorable challenge/complete fail in building your ROV? 

The most memorable challenge we faced this year was waterproofing our motors. We considered it a great achievement.

What "theme" – the scientific or physical problem to be addressed with an ROV task – would you most like to see included in future competition missions?

We think that a task concerned with containing oil spills and a task concerning Bio mimicry would be a great addition to future competitions.

What innovation do you think would completely change how ROVs solve problems in the future?

We believe that different manipulators would revolutionize ROV technology. Such as an arm that utilizes a drill.

If you could swap ROVs with any team – past or present – what team would it be?

If we were to switch ROVs with another team, we would switch with Altum Operations.

If your team had/has one, what is your team’s “theme song”?

"U Can't Touch This" by MC Hammer: