Unity Junior High School - Tiger Sharks


Team Name: Tiger Sharks

Organization: Unity Junior High School, Cicero District 99

Competition Class: SCOUT

Regional: Shedd Aquarium - Midwest

Company Spec Sheet

What were the other options for your team’s name?  If there was only ever the one option for your name, what is the origin of your team’s name?

The origin of the name Tiger Sharks follows the traits and lifestyle of the tigershark. We want to show that our ROV will be able to help out the ocean without disturbing the ocean life. Tigersharks tend to eat garbage off the ocean floor. We want the ROV to follow that view, for our ROV to be able to not only pick up ocean garbage but to help the ecosystem without disturbing the ocean life.

What word/phrase is most often heard when your team is working on your ROV?

“Sebastian!” or “Big Brain”

Which job or thing your team has to do is the hardest? Why?

Finding the placement of where the claw, camera, and motors will be on the ROV. Why this is the hardest thing to do is because we all need to agree on where the camera, claw, and motors will go based on the size/frame of our ROV.

What is your team's go-to snack food(s)?

Our go-to snack is Pringles.

What was the most celebrated/happiest/best/epic moment of success making your ROV?

Finally deciding on the shape of the ROV. Because everyone seemed to have different opinions on what shape would be best suited. We thought and designed different structures but finally decided on a shape that was somewhat a combination of most of the key points we wanted to benefit the ROV.

What was your most memorable challenge/complete fail in building your ROV? 

The most memorable challenge in building our ROV was when we would sometimes measure things incorrectly and the pieces of PVC pipe would not match up. So then we would have to start over with those pieces, measure, and cut them again to make sure they would attach to the PVC pipe connectors.

What "theme" – the scientific or physical problem to be addressed with an ROV task – would you most like to see included in future competition missions?

One theme that we would like to be addressed with an ROV task is the ROV going into the deeper part of the ocean. All of the tasks can be centered around our ROV going to the dark depths of the ocean. We could have the ROV bring certain items back to the surface, similar to other themes. Like one of last year’s tasks and what some historians have done, we could recover some sort of historical artifact that has been lost in the ocean (ex. sunken ship or a lost monument).

What innovation do you think would completely change how ROVs solve problems in the future?

An innovation we think would completely change how ROVs solve problems in the future is if the robot can be wireless like maybe you could make where the robot doesn’t need any tether or cords. It could potentially bring a bit more weight off of the robot.

If you could swap ROVs with any team – past or present – what team would it be?

If I could swap ROVs with any team - past or present - it would be our last year’s robot because I think that our team was a good size and, for the most part, the ROV worked well underwater.

If your team had/has one, what is your team’s “theme song”?

"The Imperial March" from Star Wars by John Williams: