Montavello High School - Ollavetnom


Team Name: Ollavetnom

Organization: Montevallo High School

Competition Class: NAVIGATOR

Regional: Northern Gulf Coast

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Special Information:

The biggest challenge we had due to the COVID pandemic was the question of "Where do we go from here?" The abrupt ending meant we didn't finish. We have a senior who won't get to compete. We are disappointed BUT we hope this abrupt ending will not stop the momentum of a new program. In an effort to focus, our senior (Miranda Martin) used her new found knowledge and talents to a good cause... printing PPE for health care providers and those on the "front line" of the pandemic. More information can be found HERE.

What were the other options for your team’s name?  If there was only ever the one option for your name, what is the origin of your team’s name?

We passed around several ideas... Montevallo Marauders, Bulldogfish, etc... We settled on Ollavetnom (Montevallo spelled backwards). This name was chosen because we attempted to design the ROV to be flexible and adaptable given the motor design and the multi-camera placement.

What word/phrase is most often heard when your team is working on your ROV?

What have we learned from this?

Which job or thing your team has to do is the hardest? Why?

Finding time is the most challenging. All of the team members are involved in many activities. We are all in the band. We are all on the school's scholars' bowl team. We all academically minded. This combined with the fact that there is no real class time to do work during school means that work is done whenever we can weave it into other obligations. Another challenge is that this is the first year we are doing this, so we are learning as we are going and trying to schedule time with the local college to use the pool is difficult at time as well.

What is your team's go-to snack food(s)?


What was the most celebrated/happiest/best/epic moment of success making your ROV?

Seeing the ROV "come together" and move from concept to physical form.Since this is our first year, frankly, we will measure success by actually being able to compete. We also have one student who is a graduating senior who put in a lot of effort and will not be able to be part of the final competition.

What was your most memorable challenge/complete fail in building your ROV? 

We have had several "mishaps" with measuring pieces or soldering components which have lead to, at times, hours of redoing work. However, the biggest challenge was on Friday, March 13th when school attendance and activities were abruptly stopped due to the COVID pandemic. Our team felt like the were so close to getting many things completed but having to stop due to no fault of our own.

What "theme" – the scientific or physical problem to be addressed with an ROV task – would you most like to see included in future competition missions?

This is our first year doing this, no idea!

What innovation do you think would completely change how ROVs solve problems in the future?

Technology changes so rapidly it is difficult to see how we will be in the future. However, with the changes in things such as 3D printing, we believe new designs and abilities will only be bounded by your imagination.

If you could swap ROVs with any team – past or present – what team would it be?

Unknown. We have been so focused on ourselves and being able to compete, we have not focused on other teams.

If your team had/has one, what is your team’s “theme song”?

"Bohemian Rhapsody" by Queen: