Macau Anglican College - Fish Logic


Team Name: Fish Logic

Organization: Macau Anglican College

Competition Class: EXPLORER

Regional: Hong Kong Super Regional

Company Spec Sheet

Special Information:

We can't stop 3D prinitng. We have a “Screw Up Board”, on a whiteboard that record all the screw ups that anyone of us have made, including our mentors. Then we award the leader of the screw up chart after the competition, the "King of Screw Up" trophy.

What were the other options for your team’s name?  If there was only ever the one option for your name, what is the origin of your team’s name?

We like to laugh off our mistakes that our members have the logic of a fish. But officially we would like to think that we have the understanding of the underwater world of a fish.

What word/phrase is most often heard when your team is working on your ROV?


Which job or thing your team has to do is the hardest? Why?

Have the parts integrate well with each other, making sure everything fits with the design and the grand plan. Or we can say finding a pool to water test...

What is your team's go-to snack food(s)?


What was the most celebrated/happiest/best/epic moment of success making your ROV?

Winning MATE 2018 World Champions, the most epic feeling ever.

What was your most memorable challenge/complete fail in building your ROV? 

The 4 horizontal thrusters were not aligned with each other. Two of them are 1 cm higher than the other 2, we did not realize many months after, including a couple of water tests. Until one day a ruler was placed on top of the thrusters and somehow it looks a little tilted, then we knew.

What "theme" – the scientific or physical problem to be addressed with an ROV task – would you most like to see included in future competition missions?

Ocean mapping.

What innovation do you think would completely change how ROVs solve problems in the future?

Low latency, high bandwidth wireless communication. VR controls.

If you could swap ROVs with any team – past or present – what team would it be?

HKUST or Robo-tech Team, they have pretty cool technologies in their ROV that we have looked into.

If your team had/has one, what is your team’s “theme song”?

”A Cruel Angel’s Thesis” from the Evangelon Soundtrack: