Lake Quinault Schools - The Terrible Trio


Team Name: The Terrible Trio

Organization: Lake Quinault School

Competition Class: NAVIGATOR

Regional: Olympic Coast

Video Spec Sheet

What were the other options for your team’s name?  If there was only ever the one option for your name, what is the origin of your team’s name?

There were no other options, we had chosen The Terrible Trio because we didn't communicate well in the beginning, but always successfully completed our tasks together.

What word/phrase is most often heard when your team is working on your ROV?

”Make sure to be careful with this one”

Which job or thing your team has to do is the hardest? Why?

The hardest job we had was putting the waterproof lens on the camera. The first attempt didn’t succeed due to air getting in between the lens and camera.

What is your team's go-to snack food(s)?


What was the most celebrated/happiest/best/epic moment of success making your ROV?

OThe moment of success for our team was finally getting everything together. When we turned on our camera and our motors were spinning like we wanted!

What was your most memorable challenge/complete fail in building your ROV? 

The most memorable challenge was soldering our motors together and making many mistakes but fixing them together as a team.

What "theme" – the scientific or physical problem to be addressed with an ROV task – would you most like to see included in future competition missions?

Something different instead of a claw to grab whatever is at the bottom of the pool and brought up would be interesting to see in future competition missions.

What innovation do you think would completely change how ROVs solve problems in the future?

Not having to use a tether in the future would completely change and solve problems

If you could swap ROVs with any team – past or present – what team would it be?

If we could swap ROVs it’d be with Jose’s previous team.

If your team had/has one, what is your team’s “theme song”?

”La Bamba” by Los Lobos: