2021 MATE ROV Competition Season Q & A

Q:  Will there be events this year?

A:  YES!  There will be a MATE ROV Competition season this year.  However, it will likely look very different than it has in the past – apart from using the same mission scenario and tasks as 2020.

Q:  So, the tasks will be the same as 2020?

A:  Yes, the tasks are the same for the 2021 season.  We did update the competition manuals with additional information and answers to questions that we received on the forums board last year.  We also gave them a new look!  You can find them posted here.

Q:  What are the dates and location of the 2021 MATE World Championship?

A:  Those have not been confirmed yet.  It will be held in June.  We will post the exact dates and location as soon as we have them finalized.

Q:  What about regional events?

A:  Dates and locations will be posted on the individual regional web pages as soon as they are available. 

Q:  How will you ensure the health and safety of all participants?

A:  We will look to government authorities and health organizations and follow the restrictions and guidelines that are the most comprehensive. 

Q:  What will the events look like?

A:  The MATE Regional Competition Network of coordinators and technical support met on Friday, October 2, 2020 to discuss potential scenarios.  These include:

  • In-person events, with restrictions and guidelines based on the most comprehensive of governing authorities and health organizations
  • Virtual events, where teams submit technical documentation and marketing displays as pdfs, deliver engineering presentations via Zoom or other videoconferencing platform, and submit videos documenting their vehicle’s safety compliance and operation, similar to what is currently done in the EXPLORER video demonstration
  • Hybrid events, where teams submit technical documentation and marketing displays as pdfs and deliver engineering presentations either in-person or via videoconferencing platform.  Product demonstrations are carried out via:
    • Option 1:  Social distancing/space scheduling/spread over multiple days at a pool venue
    • Option 2:  MATE representative sent to individual schools/pools to witness and verify runs
    • Option 3:  Video demonstration submission

The MATE Regional Competition Network will be convening again early in the New Year 2021 to continue to discuss (then likely start to implement) these options. 

Q:  What about things like minimum requirements for advancing a RANGER team to the World Championship?  Allowing high school teams to request admission to the EXPLORER class?

A:  We will make allowances and loosen requirements without sacrificing safety.  For example, we are prepared to waive the minimum requirements for advancing a RANGER team to the world championship. We announced during our Kick-Off Week FB Live that graduates of high schools and colleges or universities can participate on their teams from last year, even if they are now in the workplace or graduate school.  And we have posted information about high school teams requesting admission to the EXPLORER class.