Mintlaw Academy Honored with Prestigious President's Award at SUBSEA EXPO

Last month, Ali Hynd and the ROV/S5 Nautilus group from Mintlaw Academy attended the SUBSEA EXPO at the Exhibition Center in Aberdeen. The highlight of their visit was receiving the esteemed 'President's Award' from Moya Crawford, President of the Society for Underwater Technology (SUT). 

The SUT is an international organization that brings together professionals and groups with a shared passion for the subsea industry. This marks the first time the prestigious award has been bestowed upon a school group, as it is widely recognized as a significant industry honor worldwide. Last year's recipient was Mensun Bound and The Falklands Maritime Heritage Trust, led by Mensun, who spearheaded expeditions leading to the rediscovery of Sir Ernest Shackleton's ship, Endurance, used during his Antarctic explorations.

The award was jointly presented to Ali Hynd and his students. Ali's award citation reads: "For his exceptional vocation to education. In particular, his mentoring of young people in technology and real-life skills, with particular emphasis on underwater technology and sustainable responsible business practice in the Blue Economic Ecosystem." 

The shared 2023 President's Award presented with admiration for what he and his colleagues and supporters of Mintlaw Academy have achieved through vision, dedication, and hard work. 

The students' award citation states: "For their receptiveness to the educational opportunities that Mr. Ali Hynd and his colleagues and supporters at Mintlaw Academy have helped create; and the innovation entrepreneurship and enthusiasm running a highly professional, technical, youth business; one that puts many fully fledged companies in the shade."

The shared 2023 President's Award is presented in recognition of the wonderful platform that they have helped create, not just for them, but for the pupils that follow them. 


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