MATE II and MTS officially come together to inspire the next generation of ocean leaders

This integration will foster connection and bridge the gap between today’s professionals and future innovators in marine technology.

MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) is thrilled to announce the integration of its signature program, the MATE ROV Competition, into the Marine Technology Society's lineup of program offerings. By combining efforts, MATE and MTS can enhance their reach and impact in inspiring young minds and preparing them for careers in marine technology.

 The long-time collaboration between MTS and MATE II proves the commitment to the development of the marine technology sector and the promotion of STEM education. By joining forces, these two non-profits can pool their expertise, resources, and networks to have an even greater impact on fostering the next generation of ocean leaders.

 The announcement marks an exciting homecoming for the Competition. The organization’s renowned competition was created in partnership with the MTS ROV Committee in 2001, designed to address the industry’s need for up-and-coming talent. The importance of advancing underwater robotics cannot be overstated, particularly in the areas of exploration, research, environmental monitoring, infrastructure inspection, as well as various commercial and industrial applications. The MATE ROV Competition provides students with real-world technical challenges and exposes them to potential career paths in marine technology, oceanography, robotics, and engineering.

 Together, MTS and MATE II can leverage their complementary strengths to raise awareness about the importance of marine technology, lower barriers of entry to underwater robotics and related industries, support students, and help them develop the confidence and skills needed to carry these fields into the future. “By uniting current professionals with the next generation of marine technologists, we are forming a bridge and establishing a route for young professionals to further their progress in marine technology,” said Chris Ostrander, MTS Chief Executive Officer.

 MATE II will operate as a division within MTS, which looks forward to leveraging its reach to bring the MATE ROV Competition to new communities. The integration will also provide a unique avenue to develop MTS Sections in new locations, expand member benefits, and bring enriching opportunities to MTS members to mentor and support younger students. “Our earliest point of connection to the MTS community currently is with undergraduate students. With MATE’s massive community of K-12, college, and university students, MTS can expand our reach tremendously, commended Ostrander.

MATE II saw a major need for a post-competition career and professional development program to be available for graduates, but unfortunately, have never had the bandwidth or resources to do so. “We are now able to provide graduating MATE participants with a direct pathway to their next stop – the MTS member community,” commented Jill Zande, Executive Director, and President of MATE II, now Executive Director of MATE within MTS. MTS provides individuals with an opportunity to develop in the marine technology community through mentorship, networking opportunities and professional development.

“Overall, people want to feel part of a community,” expressed Zande. “Joining forces with MTS allows us to provide our students with a home and support network as they graduate from the competition and continue on their journey to become early career ocean professionals.”  

The integration of the MATE ROV Competition into MTS’s program offerings can foster connections between students, educators, industry professionals, and researchers. Overall, this partnership holds great promise in inspiring and preparing the next generation of innovators and leaders in marine technology. It is a significant step forward in connecting today’s leaders of marine technology with the next generation.

About the Marine Technology Society

The Marine Technology Society (MTS) believes that advancements in the development and use of marine technologies are essential to support responsible and sustainable use of the ocean. Founded in 1963, we are an international professional society that provides members of academia, government, and industry a common forum for the exchange of information and ideas. Our members are engineers, scientists, technologists, policy makers, and educators on the leading-edge of technology design and application. MTS members work within the full spectrum of ocean and subsea technologies that support sustainable ocean use, ranging from offshore energy to dynamic positioning, ocean robotics to buoys, and many more.

About MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II)

Established with funding from the National Science Foundation at Monterey Peninsula College in 1997, the Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center worked with the Marine Technology Society’s ROV Committee to create the MATE ROV Competition. The first event kicked off in 2001. Fifteen years later, MATE Inspiration for Innovation (MATE II) incorporated in the state of California as a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization in 2016. MATE II was founded to support and sustain ongoing education activities initiated at the MATE Center. In July 2023, MATE II will embark on the next chapter of its journey with its integration into MTS. To learn more, visit  


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