2023 MATE ROV Competition Fluid Power Quiz Results

The following are teams who have taken and passed the MATE ROV Competition Fluid Power Quiz for the 2023 season.  Teams are listed by their regional, and are alphabetized by school/organization names within.  This page will update on or around the 20th of each month - beginning 20 January, 2023; the final update will be within three days after the close of the Fluid Power Quiz.

If your team has passed the quiz and is missing from this list, please contact the MATE ROV Competition Team Liaison.

Team Event Qualifier School/Organization Class
Overflow Robotics Egypt Overflow Robotics Co. RANGER
Torpedo Egypt Alexandria University EXPLORER
Aquaphoton Academy Egypt Alexandria University, faculty of engineering EXPLORER
Valor Marine International Oregon Valor Christian School International RANGER
LBCC ROV Oregon Linn-Benton Community College EXPLORER
RC Makers ROV 2023 World Championship Qualifier American Robert College of Istanbul RANGER
Crubotics Alabama - Northern Gulf Coast Pensacola Catholic High School RANGER
MTL Horizon Pennsylvania Mount Laurel Library RANGER
Volunteer High School Robotics Tennessee - Appalachian Highlands Volunteer High School RANGER
WhaleTech Georgia - Gray's Reef Southeast North Paulding Robotics RANGER